Tray Sealers  

Fast, high-quality tray sealing

Ishida's track record in tray sealer development includes many years of working in close co-operation with food manufacturers and retailers at the highest level. The result is a range of high-performance tray sealer machines, capable of handling packs of almost any shape, size, material or MAP application.

Ishida QX tray sealers deliver high-quality seals that help make consumer products more appealing. These include skin pack, Mirabella and Slicepak. They offer freshness for an extended shelf life, excellent use of shelf space and also provide significant reductions in film usage.

Through their flexibility, speed, hygienic design and ease of operation, the Ishida QX range of tray sealers offer new levels of return on floorspace. Features include:

  • Sealing only, gas flushing or vacuum gassing options
  • On-line gas analysis of each sealing cycle, for precise control MAP specification
  • Designed for rapid changeover, with quick and easy tool change
  • Easy set-up and operation for maximum operator productivity
  • Total sealing solutions, with full range of ancillary equipment
  • Economical use of consumables and services

To view further benefits of our tray sealers, please select one of the options below:

Tray Sealer Meat

QX-1100 Flex

Single and twin lanes available for optimum packing speeds.

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QX-1100 Flex SDL

Runs two completely independent lines, simultaneously

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QX-300 Flex

Entry-level machine ideal for low volume production or niche products

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QX-775 Flex

Offers maximum flexibility at speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute with MAP

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