Snack Foods  

Over 20 years experience in snacks packing equipment 

Ishida has many years experience helping snack producers to increase packing speeds, minimise change-over time and optimise pack presentation. 

We can pack your snack foods into a variety of pack styles, including gusset bags, pillow packs and chain bags. 

View the range of ishida bagmakers or see our complete snacks solutions. 

 Click below for more information about working with different snack types.

Potato Chips

Ishida Europe is the a leading supplier of weighing and packaging equipment for the snacks industry.

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Bread Snacks

Ishida Europe has specialist weighing and packaging machines for packing bread snacks.

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Nuts and Seeds

Ishida Europe offers the best solutions for packing seeds and nuts  with outstanding accuracy and speed.

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Ishida popcorn packing systems can handle many popcorn varieties from salt to oil based flavourings.

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Extruded, corn and pellet snacks

Ishida has many years of experience dealing with challenges faced by extruded, corn and pellet snack producers, such as even flavouring, high speeds and minimal breakage.

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Dried Fruit

Ishida Europe packaging machines and solutions for dried fruit

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Chain Bags

Chain bags are a ready-to-display strip of flexible bags with perforated cut. The unique feature being the optional integrated header with hole punch for ease of hanging.

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Salt Sticks Weigher

Ishida Europe has developed an innovative solution to weighing and packing salt sticks.

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